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PREMIERE! 'Volair [Boxcar Acid Backwash Remix]' by Max Wolf

Disco-houser gets a 303-squelchin' makeover

2018 Sep 08     
2 Bit Thugs

The track comes from the 'Volair + Remixes' EP - out Friday on So Solid Records

If you think Daft Punk-ish disco-house + 303 action = your idea a good time, you're gonna love today's track premiere, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear the Boxcar Acid Backwash Remix of Volair by Max Wolf. The track is taken from the Volair + Remixes EP, which is out on Friday (14 September) on Australian label So Solid Records.

We can't tell you a huge amount about Mr Wolf, other than that he's a relatively new producer and hails from Melbourne. But from the sounds of the Volair + Remixes EP, he knows his way around a studio and has a knack for producing accessible, disco-tinged house with a laidback, summery feel. Volair itself in its Original form is quite a poppy, Daft Punk-ish jam. Feels Like is a skitterish, jittery affair that flirts with both vintage hardcore and contemporary EDM, Pulsar is funk-fuelled disco-house in the classic mode, Together gets the vocoders out and Flaregun is a more mellow, beach house-y cut. The EP's then completed by two remixes of the title track: the slightly beefed-up Boxcar Extended Remix and then finally - and best of all to our ears - the Boxcar Acid Backwash Remix, which underpins the uplifting original with some deep, squelchin' acid.

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