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PREMIERE! 'Wanna Groove' by Temi

Old school acid house mayhem ahoy!

2018 Apr 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Track comes from the 'Purple Haze' EP, out 11 May on At Work Records

Our first great track exclusive this week comes to you courtesy of fledgling UK label At Work Records. Wanna Groove is the work of Newcastle-based producer Temi, and comes from the Purple Haze EP, which drops on 11 May.

Relative newcomer Temi Olugbenga has been DJing since the tender age of 14, and for the Purple Haze EP he serves up two retro-leaning dancefloor cuts that are absolutely dripping in acid. Purple Haze itself features a cut-up, spoken female vocal sitting atop the kind of 303 squelch that's likely to leave ageing ravers swearing blind that they can taste strawberry-flavoured dry ice, while the track we're premiering today, Wanna Groove, operates in very similar territory but places less emphasis on the vocal fragments, instead letting the acid take centre stage.

See what you think...


Like that? Then give Temi a follow on Soundcloud and Facebook, or order your copy of the EP on Bandcamp.

**UPDATE 4/4/18: Story amended to show revised release date (release has been postponed from 27 April to 11 May)





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