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PREMIERE! 'Who Is Who Again' by Samuel Wallner

Driving techno bizniss from Hypnotic Room Records

2018 Apr 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Track is one of three that make up the 'Old Soul' EP, which is out on 25 April

We've got another great track exclusive for you today, as iDJ proudly brings you the first chance to hear Who Is Who Again by American techno producer Samuel Wallner. The track comes from his three-track Old Soul EP, which is out on DJ Hi-Shock's Sydney-based label Hypnotic Room Records on 25 April.

We're told Wallner - whose CV includes releases on Trax Records and Endless Music, among others - started playing viola at the age of eight, before discovering electronic music via the likes of Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim. Precisely NONE of which would lead you to expect the fierce techno cut you'll hear below! Elsewhere on the Old Soul EP you'll find Titan, a cavernous, industrial epic with a hint of progressive house sheen, while Old Soul itself starts with incessant, shimmering synths before dropping down into a deeper groove. But our ears were drawn most to Who Is Who Again, with its rolling drums and wall of almost film score-like synthesized strings.

See what you think....


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