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Printworks is expanding

New basement space Inkwells opens on 17 September

2021 Aug 04     
2 Bit Thugs

We're promised “an architecturally striking space" with "a stripped-back, industrial aesthetic”

London megaclub Printworks is getting even bigger with the addition of a new basement space called Inkwells. 

The new space is located directly below the Printworks' main Press Halls space, and its name reflects its history: it's where giant vats of ink were once housed, to feed the presses above. 

We're told Inkwells will be “an architecturally striking space with low ceilings, colonnades of beaten concrete pillars and a stripped-back, industrial aesthetic that is unmistakably Printworks, yet uniquely different,” that the lighting will “compliment the industrial architecture of the room” and that “stacks of speakers and subs will be staggered across the room to give maximum sound coverage and clarity”.

Inkwells will make its debut on 17 September, when Printworks itself reopens with Redacted.

For more info, see Printworks' own website.





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