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Pro Tools in the dock

Pro Tools | Dock gives hands-on control to iPad users

2016 Jun 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Speed up your Pro Tools workflow with this new hardware controller

Announced this week, Pro Tools | Dock is a new hardware interface that's designed for those who are already using the Pro Tools | Control iOS app.

Avid's Pro Tools has long been the DAW of choice for many professional musicians and producers, and as such there are already a number of products available that help give the user better hands-on control over the software, including Avid's own Artist | Control hardware controller and the Pro Tools | Control app for iPad.

Now, Pro Tools | Dock essentially combine the portability of the latter with the tactile control of the former. Among the features on the portable unit are eight touch-sensitive Soft Knobs, 16 Soft Keys, 12 dedicated automation switches and an input for a pedal controller, and if that's not enough knobs, buttons and faders for you then the device has also been design to complement the existing Pro Tools | S3 controller.

Pro Tools | Dock is available now, priced around £950. For full details, see the Avid website.





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