2019 Feb 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The heavy-hitting duo come to Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato's Rawthentic Music

DJ Sneak and Tripmastaz return as RareTwo Inc for two energetic house cuts dropping on Nathan Barato and Carlo Lio’s Rawthentic label. The pair have previously released under this alias on the likes of Hottrax, Ovum, Plant 74 and Kwench Records, and as a team they bring a lot to the table. 

The first track is Farley, a fast-paced, frenetic affair which kicks off with a bassline, kickdrum and claps, then adds a closed hi-hat, snares and a filtered lead line. Then the craziness begins, with off-the-wall male vocal samples and what sound like dogs howling thrown into the mix along with what I think is a sax sample as well. Whatever it is, it works a treat! Next up is another fast-paced groover called Ups & Downs, where you'll find more craziness in the form of female vocal samples, funky bass, claps and what sounds like a slide whistle sample. Again, it's as mad as it sounds but it all works together and adds up to a tune that's distinctive and eminently danceable to.

Not gonna name a favourite here: both tracks are just so individual and batshit crazy that both need a hammering so everyone gets a chance to hear them!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 22 February


Review Score: 8




Tags: Rare Two Inc, DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Rawthentic Music, Nathan Barato, Carlo Lio, house