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2 Bit Thugs

Imagine being able to have something that is uniquely Jamaican. Well its here "REGGAEGOT SOUL" where music never dies. A record store which specializes in Cds,Lps, 12in ,,10in and 7 inch vinyl records with music of all genres. Reggae,Dancehall Opera .....................To Jazz,Souls,Ska,Rocksteady even Oldies and Goodies. You want it we have it.We are located in Jamaica the capital and origin of authentic reggae music that Keeps You Jamming !!!!!!!!!KEEPING VINYL ALIVE

  • PhoneNumber:18769075755
  • AlsoSells:We Also sell Jamaican Books Magazines We also offer a reggae tour package where you can get to see how the vinyl is produced The reggae tour includes Bob Marleys Birth Place The Jamming sessions Stone Love Weedy Wednesday what ever you feel We also ha
  • Address:47 Young Street Spanish Town Jamaica
  • City:Spanish Town
  • Country:Jamaica