2018 Dec 11     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP is only the third release from Italian producer Prosperi's own fledgling Wood Music label

Wood Music are expecting great things from this, their third release, which was produced by label boss Riccardo Prosperi. After giving it a number of spins, I tend to agree!

The first track is called Fusion. It starts with tribal drums and a subtle funky guitar loop, which are joined by whoops and other vocal chants before the bassline kicks in and a full-ish vocal develops. I say "ful-lish" as it's actually quite minimal, but there's just enough of it to work as a great hook, especially in the long, string-backed breakdown, which makes up a large chunk of the track and really works well. Once the music kicks back in, the vocal again takes centre-stage and the track grooves on to the finish with just percussion for an outro. 

Next up is Discotronic itself, which starts with a one-bar disco loop intro that doubles as the chorus later in the track. There's a female vocal, risers, a piano loop, scratch samples and the obligatory one-note string line. In the middle there's also a great breakdown with a male spoken speech of sorts, which adds another dimension to this multifaceted gem of a tune. Again it's very DJ-friendly and plays out with just percussion again, but it works so no complaints from me.

Both tracks are fine tunes but my favourite is Discotronic: it has so much going on in it, and it'll work a dancefloor good and hard - it's a rump-shaking, body-quaking mammoth of a tune.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Wood Music, Riccardo Prosperi, house