2019 Apr 28     
2 Bit Thugs

A familiar vocal sample and classic Italo-house tropes put into a tech-house context make 'It's All Right' a track for all ages, says Danny Slade

A tasty two-track release from Wood Music, produced in Italy, that gives a distinct nod to the past as both tracks have old school Italo-house elements in full effect, but deliver those elements in a modern tech-house style.

The first track, It’s All Right itself, starts with a sampled “okay” from FPI Project’s Italo-house classic Everybody (All Over The World), then comes in with a kick, tambourines and a sampled female vocal. After a one-note sax intro, a funky bassline is added and the track really starts to take shape. There are bongos and the sax re-emerges, playing a solo'ed killer funky lick over a one-note string line, and then it's back into the groove, with the "okay" sample playing throughout. 

The second track, That's The Way, has a kick, hi-hat and congas for an intro, then after a male vocal sample, a super-funky bassline and more vocal samples take us to a breakdown with a proper old school-style female rap that has a great, authentic feel and is Italian hip-house personified! As the track kicks back in, her last word echoes for ages and a plucked guitar riff plays over the funky bassline, which works really well. The female rap reappears later on, and the whole track just works on many levels: it's a throwback to a time of hedonism and frivolity, but done with nu school production values.

For me, both tracks are very playable: although many people on the floor might not get the old school references, I will! And as they're both super-danceable tunes, the crowd will be happy as well.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: Riccardo Prosperi, Wood Music, tech-house, tech house