2017 Dec 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Robert DB drops a single-track release on his own DB Records imprint

This release has arrived in my inbox with no accompanying information whatsoever, so all I can tell you is who it's by and what it sounds like. So here goes!

There's no intro to speak of, as Extra Funky is in full swing from the off - and it sure does swing, with a funky bassline that's reminiscent of M/A/R/R/S's classic Pump Up The Volume, but with a woodier tone and crisp percussion which cuts through the backing sounds nicely. There's a main synth riff which is introduced by a solo percussive section, and a one-word spoken male vocal sample that interplays with the synth sound nicely to form a rhythmic pattern, which is a real call to the dancefloor as this is a tasty little groover. There are risers in play which come before a distorted male voice intoning the title. Where the track is let down somewhat, though, is in the bottom end, which is a bit light and could really benefit from the adding of a powerful kickdrum and a bit of sub-bass. Apart from that it's a hooky little number that, with the right mastering, could do some serious dancefloor damage.

It's a shame that there's no information on the track or the producer, but that's just the way it is sometimes. It's not always a bad thing, either, because it means the track has to speak for itself - as this one does, and does a fine job of it.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 December


Review Score: 7




Tags: Robert DB, DB Records, house, Hungary