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Sankeys closes unexpectedly

The Beehive Mill has been sold to property developers

2017 Jan 12     
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The club is closed with immediate effect - but staff only found out today

The Manchester Evening News reports that Sankeys has unexpectedly been closed down, following an unannounced sale of the Beehive Mill building in which the club is housed to property developers. Sankeys' other clubs in Ibiza and New York are unaffected.

The building had been been listed for sale with estate agents Savill UK for some time, but Sankeys owners Radius Security were still hoping to renew their lease on the premises. However, it now transpires that a sale has taken place without anyone involved in the club being informed.

The story in the MEN quotes an email sent to staff and promters today by Tony Hill, managing director of Radius, in which he says: "As you are aware we have been in negotiations with the property management agents of Beehive Mill for some time with regards to the lease for Sankeys. It has become apparent that the reason that they haven't issued a new agreement is due to the fact that the entire building has been sold to a residential property developer who intends to turn it into apartments. With that, it is with great regret that we must close Sankeys with immediate effect. On behalf of the directors and management team can you please pass this message on to those that it affects and apologise for how suddenly the change in circumstances has taken place."

This isn't the first time Sankeys has closed down: having opened in 1994, Sankeys Soap (as was) closed in 1998, but reopened in 2000 and ran until 2006. It then reopened shortly after, simply as Sankeys, and has been open ever since, except for a seven-month period in 2013-14. But if the developers are moving in, this looks like it really could be the end for this UK clubbing institution, which over the years has hosted legendary nights such as Bugged Out!, Golden, Tribal Sessions, Garuda and many more.





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