2018 Mar 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features three original tech-house jams plus a remix from CAAL

Italy’s Sante Sansone started releasing tracks in 2013, and at the tender-ish age of 23 is hotly tipped to be a name to watch in the future. This EP marks his first appearance on Roush, and features three original tracks plus a remix by CAAL of the title track.

First up is Warehouse itself, a fast-paced tech-houser with a percussive intro that takes you to the drop, where the recognisable sample "my house is your house and your house is mine" kicks in, along with a funky rolling backbeat that works a treat with the synth stabs and punchy bassline. Next comes Workin', which has a sparse percussive intro and is also based around a vocal sample, with a hell of a backbeat to drive it along, swung percussion and CO2 cannon sounds.

The third track is called Fat N Deep and has a quirky intro with a weird clicking sound and a large kick, and this time uses two female vocal samples and one of his trademark solid and ever-so-slightly warped backbeats to drive the track along at quite a pace. Finally you have CAAL’s interpretation of Warehouse, which has the vocal cut up and seriously messed around with to fine effect. The bassline is big and bouncy and there are electro claps in abundance.

I have no particular favourite track, as I'll be playing all of them over the coming months. As for Sante Sansone and future stardom... if he carries on at this level, it's in the proverbial bag!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sante Sansone, CAAL, Roush, tech house, tech-house