2017 Aug 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Comes backed up by a dub plus bonus track 'Ex Drummer'

This techno EP comes to you with two tracks, plus a dub of the title track for those who don't like vocals. It's the work Amsterdam-based Secret Cinema, who has been producing tracks under various names for 25 years.

Seance itself starts with a synth bassline and light percussion, then adds layers of sounds until what you have is a throbbing, cinematic soundscape of synth bliss, with bleeps, eerie chords and intricate percussion patterns all playing with your mind until the main hook - a speech about the beginning of a séance - arrives. The track then starts to build down and deconstruct itself, which is very effective and gives you just over seven minutes of quality warped techno wizardry.

The other track is titled Ex Drummer, and from its onset it starts messing with your mind, with a detuned analogue synth bleep which ushers forth the percussion and builds again into a dark yet subtle track. with open hi-hats and unnerving synths that morph in and out and are subtly panned, as are a lot of the other sounds, which are insidious and sinister-sounding throughout. Finally you have the Dub of Seance, which looses the intro speech but sounds just as menacing and fun as it did with it.

Whether you go for the vocal or dub is a personal thing, but for me the whole EP is a must as it really makes your skin crawl, but in a very danceable to way. It is not too hard but not a pussycat, either - and certainly bares its claws when played at high volume.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 11 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Secret Cinema, Jeroen Verheij, Gem Records, techno