Send Press Release

If you would like to feature in IDJ then please get in touch. The best way to use the Contact Form and select the most appropriate drop option. These go direct to our inbox and get our attention quickly. You can also send us an Email to Emails to this address tend to get mixed in with the torrent of spam we are sent every day and may be less likely to get read.

What are we looking for?

Press Releases and general news articles
First and foremost, we're primarily about dance music, the art of DJing, music technology and club culture. If your story fits that remit then we would like to see your press release. If you include a link to a hi-resolution picture it will greatly increase your chance of coverage as we like our stories to have pictures. Also include social media links for the subject in question.

Feature Requests
If you feel your subject is really newsworthy and you would like to get involved beyond a fire-and-forget press release then please get in touch. Please make sure the artist (or representative from the label / manufacturer) is available and keen for a quick chat first. Features usually happen when a pro-active press contact or agent is keen to get involved and makes things happen (for example sending us the hi-res pictures, EPKs, quotes, social media links and text we need and helping set up the interview process).

Track or video premieres
If the artist, event or label has built up a strong following and has some real demonstable traction then we would like to get involved in exclusive premieres. For premieres we would host the content on one of our online channels. For consideration, please send us the content and links to social media and any press packs / EPKs. We usually need a 7-10 day lead time against main release date for premieres.

DJ Mixes and Podcasts
Like Track and Video premieres we feature mixes, sessions and podcasts on our online channels. These may go hand in hand with a feature or article so please send us as much information via the contact us form.