2020 Mar 10     
2 Bit Thugs

The Radio Slave and Waze & Odyssey veteran knows sometimes it really is best to keep it simple, stupid…

When we spoke to Mr Santiago back in August, he told us he was "working really hard – nailing all my releases on Skint till the end of the year, next year and beyond"… and now here's the latest fruit of said labours.

We needn't detain you too long with this one – partly because it's essentially a single-track release (it does pack full-length Original and radio-friendly Edit versions, but that's it) and partly because Underground is really quite a simple affair to start with. Riding a basic boom-tish-boom-tish rhythm, the track's defining characteristics are a great big fat bass synth riff and a male voice that says "underground!" repeatedly throughout (albeit interspersed with laughing sounds and with various different FX applied). There's a bit more to it than that, of course, like the nagging piano riff that nods to podium euphoria of yore, and some rave-y stabs, but essentially this is a no-nonsense jacker that's best served to peaktime dancefloors for maximum impact.

And since when did we have a problem with no-nonsense jackers round these parts? Since never, that's when…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 6 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Serge Santiago, Skint Records, house, tech-house