2018 Sep 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Danny Slade gets enthused by a new release with distinct old school leanings

Si Whelan returns to the Discover label with a single-track release, which packs a hefty punch and epitomises the sound of the label with its hard-edged euphoric approach.

It can be daunting to review a single-tracker as there's only so much you can say about it, but when a track this good comes along, it becomes a pleasure! Apex begins with a cymbal crash, a muted hi-hat and a whooshing sound. Then, after a drum-fuelled mini-break, he brings in the full kickdrum and already the track is sounding rich and juicy. It gets even better with the addition of an acidic riff, then the simple, punchy bassline comes in and it all sounds pristine, crisp and very well produced. A noise-gated vocal line then starts to really lift the track, before a haunting piano riff arrives as we head for the breakdown – a proper old-school, hands-in-the-air affair with a plucked synth riff that gets the track soaring. There are crisp snares and grunting acid stabs, and the whole thing has that old school big room trance feel, but with up-to-date production values.

Apex is simple but highly effective and sounds great at high volume - have no doubt, it's going to do some proper dancefloor damage over the coming months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 3 September



Review Score: 9




Tags: Si Whelan, Discover Records, trance