2018 Jun 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Particle Zoo serve up a fine three-tracker from the Bristolian producer

Bristol native Dan Jeffries has been quietly turning out muscular techno and (proper) tech-house in his [sic] guise for a good 10 years now. But this three-tracker for Particle Zoo Recordings may well be his best work yet.

Taking the three cuts in reverse order, Ghosts is a dark, heads-down and quite pacey tech-houser that opens with no-nonsense 4/4s and ominous, clanging bells before a male "c'mon" vocal sample ushers in the track's main focus, a ruff and rugged synth bassline that'd be perfectly at home on techno floors but is equally redolent of tuff NYC house of the mid-90s. The Lair is a deeper groove with intricate hand percussion, sci-fi synths and more bell sounds, which together lend the track something of a spooky, 'ghost train' kinda feel. Both tracks are eminently playable, but the reason this is getting a rare 9/10 from yours truly is The Tunnel - another uptempo affair centred around an absolute monster of a warping bassline. Said b-line takes a minute or two to arrive, but when it does dancefloor carnage (not to mention ludicrous gurning) is absolutely guaranteed.

Jeffries started out as a D&B producer and it shows in his deft way with a bowel-loosening bottom end here. The Lair and Ghosts are both good but The Tunnel is a HUGE tune that all the big names won't necessarily be all over (yet) - so don't sleep!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 June



Review Score: 9




Tags: [sic], Particle Zoo, tech house, tech-house