2017 Jul 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Paul Sawyer supplies a killer remix

Simon Sinfield returns to Krafted to release Changes, a progressive houser that comes fully armed with a Vocal Mix, Dub, Paul Sawyer Remix and Radio Edit.

First up is the Vocal Mix, which at over nine minutes long is a bit of an epic. It begins with a kick, hi-hat and snare, and develops nicely with a growing synth riff. Some swirls and vocal snippets are then added before the track gets into full flight with a subtle piano riff and the vocal coming in at the chorus. The vocal itself isn't laboured and fits the laidback feel perfectly.

The Dub loses the verse of the song but keeps the chorus in place, and works well for those who aren't into a full vocal. Then you get the Paul Sawyer Remix, which is shorter (at just over seven minutes long) and which builds with just the synth riff as the intro, then adds a pronounced bassline and pad sounds, with the word "changes" interspersed throughout the track. It has a slightly more swung feel and dispenses with the rest of the vocal and sounds more like a house track without the verse-chorus format. Finally, you get the Radio Edit, which does have the verse and comes in at just under four minutes long.

Changes isn't as "out there" as many current progressive tracks, keeping instead to a formula that's tried and tested. The Paul Sawyer Remix is my favourite, but the full vocal does sound sweet as well.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 24 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Simon Sinfield, Mark Collinge, Paul Sawyer, Krafted Underground, progressive house