2017 Feb 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Visions'/'Revisions' album favourite gets a single release with five new mixes

If you think Standing Here Baby sounds familiar, that's because it may well be. The track first featured on the Visions album back in September, when we described it as "nodding to Prince and Cameo", while a future R&B-style refix graced the simultaneously released remix album Revisions. Now it's back as a single, with five new rubs to choose from. One of those is a simple Radio Edit, admittedly, but elsewhere Peza, Karaman and George Kelly all take a turn at remixing, as - not to be outdone - do Situation themselves.

Taking those rerubs in order, then... first up is Peza, whose synthy remix sits right on the house/nu-disco cusp, and has a slightly Daft Punk-ish kinda feel. That's followed by  Situation's own Groove Time Remix, which is an essentially an elongated, more club-friendly version of the original album track with its defining boogie/electrofunk bassline. Karaman gets busy with the filters on his Dub Remix, whose space-y, wonked-feel seems to owe something of a debt of inspiration to classic Levan dubs of old. And then finally George Kelly takes the original and gives it a little extra house-y dancefloor polish, before the Radio Edit closes out the EP.

You won't go far wrong whichever you choose, to be honest - and it has to be said the mixes overall don't vary that widely. Still, for this reviewer's money, the gold on this occasion can be shared between Peza and Karaman, simply for daring to be a little bit different.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Situation, Nang Records, Peza, Karaman, George Kelly, nu disco, nu-disco, disco house