2016 Sep 20     
2 Bit Thugs

The album and accompanying remix collection both drop on the same day

Having released two singles on the label previously, southwest UK-based collective Situation choose Nang Records as the home for the second full-length Visions, which follows 2014's It's A Beautiful Life and which is being released simultaneously with a remixed version entitled Revisions.

Situation last appeared on Nang with two contributions to the Beach Disco Sessions 4 compilation, which should give you some idea what to expect from the original album here. Laidback, summery grooves are the order of the day, blending nu-disco shimmy with a hefty dose of soul in the vocal department. Work It Through is a contemporary uptempo R&B gem sprinkled liberally with piano, while 2015 single Get To Know Me with Andre Espeut guesting on vocals is one of several tracks that nudge towards the soulful house zone - see also Stay With Me, a Lazy Dog anthem that never was, and Here Comes The Sun, which wouldn't have sounded out of place on the late, lamented Chillifunk Records. Elsewhere, the title track looks to vintage Balearica for inspiration but gives it a little added 303 twist, the bouncy Standing Here Baby nods to Prince and Cameo, while Secret Situation Pt 3 has a high-camp, late 70s NYC feel, and Midnight plays us out on a suitably space-y note.

So much for the original album: there's also the remixed version, Revisions, to consider. Here, Hot Toddy, Pete Herbert, Psychemagik and Acos Coolkas are among the bigger names drafted in on remix duties, almost all of whom take the opportunity to strew some sparkling nightclub dust over the original tracks. Vampire Disco strip down Standing Here Baby into a future R&B groover with a squelchy bassline straight outta the broken beat playbook, while Mr M's Stixmix works a similar transformation on Work It Through; otherwise the rerubs all pretty much press the button marked "sprightly house makeover".

You know how many Ibiza-themed compilations come with 'Day' and 'Night' discs? That's how Visions and Revisions are best approached: while sold separately, they're two complementary halves of a very pleasing whole.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 23 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Situation, nu-disco, nu disco, Balearic, broken beat, soulful house, Hot Toddy, Pete Herbert, Acos Coolkas, Psychemagik, Mr M, Vampire Disco