2018 Nov 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Ever-prolific Slovenian producer Abram comes up with the goods yet again

A fine tech-house EP here from Stanny Abram, who returns to the NoExcuse Limited label with three uptempo tunes for your pleasure.

The opener Get Up is aptly titled, because it's a call to the dancefloor from the start, with a percussive intro featuring a kick, closed hi-hat and clap that are joined by a minimal bassline and a plucked electric guitar loop. There's a female vocal thrown into the fray along with snare rolls and some minimal synth work, and the result is a winner.

Up next is Feel Alright, which features a catchy male vocal and again starts with a percussive intro with a synth stab and minimal vocal shot, then develops via the addition of a rolling bassline and odd synth stabs. The quirky main vocal goes with the ethos of the whole track, which is a 'less is more' affair and sounds good for it, with wobbly synth stabs and relentless percussion driving the track ever forward to the end. The final track, Feel So Good, is based around a female vocal loop, organ stabs and a frenetic bassline which really suits the track. There are two breakdowns and it'll work well on a dancefloor (where it counts!) because it has tons of energy.

I don’t have a favourite here and will play all of the tracks – they're all pretty tasty and this release looks likely to be well received by DJs and punters alike. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Stanny Abram, NoExcuse Limited, tech house, tech-house