2021 Sep 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Dutch veteran Stefan Thomas impresses with a single-track release on Moiss Music

Sometimes when you're ploughing through a huge stack of music with a view to picking things out that warrant a review, one tune in particular will jump out, grab you by the balls and INSIST you write about it immediately. This record is one of them. It's the work of Stefan Thomas AKA Stefan van der Laan, who hails from The Netherlands and has been a stalwart of the Dutch club scene since the mid-90s, including several years as a resident DJ at Amsterdam's famous The Mansion.

Thomas only made the move into production a few years ago, but going by this evidence, all those years experience in the booth have paid off! Connection With You tops steppy, near-breakbeat drums and a hefty dubwise bassline with warbling funk guitars and two, possibly three vocals: a boogie-ish female one that hits some impressively high notes, a male one that just says "connection" and a second, more garage-y "I feel a connection with you-ou" which might be a different singer or the same one – it's hard to tell. Either way, the latter part doesn't half call to mind those killler dubs that MK did for Jodeci back in the mid-90s…

I'm honestly not sure how you'd describe this record in terms of genre: it's got elements of deep house, garage, disco, funk and even breaks. But then no-one's going to worry what pigeonhole it came out of when they're too busy dancing, are they? And dancing they will be, trust! Remix-wise you just get simple Instrumental and Radio Edit passes, so we're done here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 September



Review Score: 9




Tags: Stefan Thomas, Stefan van der Laan, Moiss Music, deep house, garage, disco