2017 Jan 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from label boss Hector Couto and fellow Spanish producer Cuartero

The story of this record began two years ago, when Steve Lawler started experimenting with a couple of old Roland machines in search of that hallowed late 80s house music sound. The outcome was the original mix of this track. After a strong club reaction, he then decided to put it out on Hector Couto’s thriving Roush imprint to kick off 2017, now complete with remixes by Couto himself and fellow Spanish producer Cuartero.

The Original Mix is pure retro, with Roland percussion throughout, an evolving 303 line and 808 claps, with a female occasionally repeating, “People are having sex in front of you.” There's a one-note string line to give it tension and some male samples as well, but with this track it's definitely a case of 'less is more', which works for me.

Remix-wise, Hector Couto keeps the female vocal and amps up the percussion with a breakbeat intro, while adding a funky bassline, swirling synths, and bleeps and risers a-plenty. It sounds a lot more modern in its presentation and is a real groover. Finally the Cuartero Remix starts with a simple drum pattern, then builds with booming bass, cowbells, squelching sounds and the vocal sample cut-up to repeat just the “are having sex” portion. There is a breakdown with an eerie synth sound, and then onwards it goes into another modern techno interpretation.

My favourite is the Hector Couto Remix - I'm a sucker for breakbeats every time! - but all three mixes deliver the goods, and this will no doubt be a big tune for many a DJ.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 30 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Steve Lawler, Roush Label, Hector Couto, Cuartero