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Streaming comes to Denon DJ units

The Prime Series become the first standalones with streaming capabilities

2019 May 21     
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Denon is partnering with Soundcloud, Beatport, Beatsource and TIDAL

Denon is adding streaming capabilities to its Prime Series range of standalone DJ controllers, making them the first standalones to offer this function. The move follows the addition of streaming capabilities to Serato software, and the launch of Pioneer's recently announced, streaming-friendly DDJ-200 controller.

Streaming will be added to all units in the range – the Prime 4 [pictured], SC5000 and SC5000M – via a firmware upgrade that's coming this summer. Once that's installed, users will be able to access literally millions of tracks, remixes and mash-ups, and mix with them just as they would with natively stored music files, with tracks buffered to internal memory in case the network connection falters mid-track. Streaming is handled by wi-fi or a wired internet connection, and you'll even be able to add hot cues and loop points to your streamed files (although whether these are volatile or saveable for future re-use isn't made clear).

Denon's partners for this project include Soundcloud, Beatport, Beatsource and TIDAL. Both Beatport and Beatsource will allow you to store tracks offline for an additional subscription (price TBC).

Denon DJ’s Creative Director, Paul Dakeyne, said: "Denon DJ continually delivers feature innovations, performance options and technological enhancements for all DJs. With both Wi-Fi and physical internet connection now engaged across the Prime Series hardware, plus access to the huge amount of digital music content from the industry’s premier streaming services, DJs no longer need a laptop computer. This changes everything – right here, right now!"

The video below will tell you more…






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