2017 Oct 09     
2 Bit Thugs

German producer Superlover shows his love for old school house - of several flavas

Yesterday we were talking about a 1988 anthem given a modern twist; today, here's a 2017-vintage number that's got distinctly old-school leanings.

At least, the title track does, having pianos and whooping, wailing diva vox as its primary musical focus. Yet despite evoking many happy memories of hands-in-the-air moments on podiums of yore, Piano Wunder is no mere pastiche or soundalike, because its production values - notably the way that nagging ivory riff has been heavily filtered - are thoroughly contemporary, making this a real 'old meets new school' gem.

And Piano Wunder is also only one of three tracks that make up the EP. Elsewhere, Good Times and 1996 ride a different nostalgic wave, albeit one that's also en vogue right now, harking back not to early 90s piano house but to the filter disco sound of the latter part of the decade, Again, though, both tracks pull off the nifty trick of sounding authentic while still boasting 21st Century-sounding production that means they'll slot neatly into modern sets without jarring.

All good, but the title track's the one if you want to see first-gen ravers coming over all misty-eyed and unnecessary...

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Superlover, Mother Recordings, house, piano house, filter disco