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SXM Festival launches St Martins appeal

Funds badly needed after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc

2017 Sep 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Food, drinking water and first aid supplies are the priorities right now, say organisers

After the Caribbean island of St Martins suffered catastrophic damage in Hurricane Irma, the organisers of SXM Festival, the island's only dance music festival, have launched an emergency appeal to raise funds for relief and rescue operations.

SXM Festival takes its name from the international code for the island's only airport, and made its debut earlier in 2016. The third annual SXM Festival was planned for 14-18 March 2018: it's unclear at the moment whether that event will go ahead, but in the meantime the organisers have set up a GoFundMe page to assist humanitarian relief efforts on the island. Find it here.

In a statement, SXM Festival founder Julian Prince said: "It is time for us to give back to this amazing community as it needs our help more than ever. Through my lifelong relationship with the island I have built up a unique bond with the local government which I am now using to pinpoint their immediate needs and appropriately allocate the funds we are raising. At the moment, these needs revolve around getting drinking water, food, first aid supplies and other basic needs to the people of the island."

If you want to make a donation, here's that GoFundMe link again - or if you're able to get involved in any other way (such as supplying equipment) you can email





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