2018 Apr 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Spanish label Roush come up with the house goods once more

The quality just never stops on Hector Couto's Roush Label. This time it's coming from Manchester duo System2, who deliver a fresh four-track EP. The duo have already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with globally, and this release will only further cement their reputation.

The first track, Break The Groove, starts with a choppy breakbeat intro, which sounds great and which is joined by random vocal samples and a light synth riff. That takes you to a breakdown, with the vocals as the main feature, then it's back into the breakbeat main riff. There are crowd samples thrown in for good measure, and the track is sure to go off on the dancefloor.

Next up is Funk Stash, which is pretty much more of the same, but not so choppy. It also features a great sample from the news report announcing the assassination of JFK in 1963. That's followed by the more low-key Match Point, with its pronounced electro bassline and great drum programming, and then finally you have Mustard's Groove, which brings the choppy drums back into play with all manner of other samples which together make up another groove-laden floorfiller.

This EP stands out from the pack because it's so damn funky, making a change from the restrained sound of many releases of late, and I applaud the duo’s fast and loose approach. My favourite is Break The Groove, which I can see staying on my memory stick for many months to come.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: System2, Roush, house