2016 Sep 23     
2 Bit Thugs

These new rubs have Danny Slade nostalgic for the late 90s glory days of trance

If, like me, you were a massive fan of trance back in the late 90s/early 00s, then the names Talla 2XLC and Fog Area Productions will bring back many fond memories of ‘superclubbing’ when that term actually meant more than just a cynical bid to fill cavernous corporate venues with no atmosphere and overpriced drinks. And if you weren't, then this record should give you some insight into why trance was such a big deal back in the glory days!

Fog Area boss DJ Jo and legendary trance producer Talla 2XLC have decided to release two new versions of CM's late 90s trance classic Dream Universe and in the process have provided a window back into those halcyon days so we can all experience what it sounded like on the dancefloors of an elite group of clubs that opened their doors to the general public in a way that has sadly become a forgotten concept in the UK clubbing landscape.

The first remix is by Talla 2XLC, which starts with a long intro of breakbeats, 303s and vocal pads, and builds slowly and melodically into a juxtaposition of dance music that made the trance of old so great, as you have the moving, sweeping musicality backed with a hard, fast pumping beat that on paper shouldn't work but put together is akin to aural ecstasy. The DJ Jo remix takes the track down a slightly techy vocal path and and again manages to sound good but doesn't have the spine tingling quality of Talla’s version.

Whether you want to relive your past as a lover of big room trance or are a newcomer to the genre, give this tune a listen at high volume and find out what it all used to be about for thousands of clubbers every weekend, visiting clubs religiously like I wish they still did today!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




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