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Technics launches black SL-1210GR

The new deck differs only in colour from the SL-1200GR

2017 Feb 07     
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The question remains as to how many DJs will be able to afford the £1,299 price tag

Technics has announced the release of a new turntable, the SL-1210GR. It's a black-finish version of the SL-1200GR launched at the CES show in January - just as the original 1210 was a black version of the SL-1200 - and will retail for the same, not inconsiderable price of £1,299.

With nothing changed but the colour, we won't bore you with an extensive specs list right now, save to say that the main differences between the GR models and the £2,999 SL-1200G are a magnesium rather than aluminium tonearm, a single- rather than twin-rotor motor, and a lighter platter.

What's more interesting is the comment from Technics chief Michiko Ogawa in the press release, who says: "The SL-1200GR and SL-1210GR combine the best of both worlds. We are sure both models will fulfill the expectations of Technics fans around the globe. Our objective was to extend our top range for audio enthusiasts as well as professional DJs." 

This contrasts starkly with comments made last month by creative director Hiro Miroshita, who was quoted in the New York Times as saying: "Our concept is analogue records for hi-fi listening. DJs are fine, too, but as a marketing target it’s problematic. We don’t want to sell the 1200 as the best tool for DJing. The 1200 is the 1200."

Indeed, it's also somewhat at odds with Michiko Ogawa's own comments in the same article, in which she likened listening to records to flower-arranging or Japanese tea-drinking rituals! So does this mean that Technics is reconsidering its position vis à vis DJs? With the "vinyl revival" (such as it is) in full swing, and Pioneer having recently launched the competing PLX-1000 at the far lower price of £529, perhaps Technics has decided we're not so "problematic" after all...

Either way, the SL-1210GR should be available in late April/early May, and you can read more about it here.





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