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Technics launches the SL-1210G

The audiophile deck now comes dressed in black

2021 Sep 08     
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The SL-1210G will be available in the UK from the end of October

If anyone happens to have a spare £3,499 knocking around, then here's something to stop it burning a hole in your pocket: Technics has announced the latest addition to its revitalised SL-1200 range of turntables, the SL-1210G. And guess how much it costs?

As the price suggests, the SL-1210G is – like the other models in the modern SL-1200 range – really aimed at well-heeled audiophiles, rather than club DJs. But the all-important pitch control is still there – alongside a magnesium tonearm and a three-layer, vibration-damping platter, as well as an “iron-coreless direct drive motor [and] a hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection using digital and analogue technology."

The turntable has been launched, Technics' European product manager Frank Balzuweit said, in response to the success of the SL-1210GAE, the only other black-liveried turntable in the line-up, which went on sale as a limited edition in June 2020 and sold out almost immediately.

The SL-1210G will be available in the UK from 21 October.

For more information, see Technics' own website.





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