2016 Nov 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Scottish collective The Korvids deliver a laidback anthem that's definitely something to crow about...

The Korvids are a Glasgow collective that coalesce around two veterans of the Scottish music scene, guitarist/producer Gordon Goudy and vocalist James Grant. Goudy was formerly a member of 80s indie-rockers The Primevals, but it's Grant's history as frontman of blue-eyed soul outfit Love & Money - best known for their 1986 radio hit Candybar Express - that provides more of a clue to their current sound.

Indeed, despite coming on Nang Records this, their second single, is closer to out-and-out soul music than nu-disco. Bad Faith, with its falsetto vocal and weeping guitars, is to these ears very reminiscent of mod/acid jazz combo Stone Foundation, while the accompanying Blisters comes on like Scissor Sisters trying their hand at low-down, slowed-down sleazy funk.

The latter's accompanied simply by an Extended Version, but Bad Faith itself gets no fewer than four remixes. Gary Katz adds a little pop sheen, Kim Buran's 1974 Soul Train Version drops the tempo right down, the Push To Break E-Mix shows us what would happen if Bad Faith necked a couple of little 'uns and found itself on an Ibiza podium circa 1998, while finally if you are in search of that archetypal Nang nu-disco shimmer, you'll find the Kim Buran Sundowner Mix has it in spades.

A slight departure for Nang, then, but worth investigating - unless you're allergic to falsetto vox, of course.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 4 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: The Korvids, Nang Records, James Grant, Gordon Goudy, Love & Money, Gary Katz, Kim Buran