2017 Apr 28     
2 Bit Thugs

Includes previous singles 'Beach Coma' and 'Bad Faith', plus the forthcoming 'Tender Tyrannies'

The Korvids are a loose collective of Scottish musicians centred around Simple Minds producer Gordon Goudie and vocalist James Grant, who was formerly frontman of 80s pop-soul outfit Love & Money. They made their debut with the single Beach Coma on Nang Records in 2015, followed by Bad Faith last year, and now they unleash their debut long player.

As we said previously in our review of Bad Faith, if you've come here looking for the sparkling nu-disco vibes that are the label's stock-in-trade - music along the lines of that made by Situation, Sare Havlicek or Escort - then you'll be disappointed. Instead, The Korvids openly admit that they crafted the album for "the older generation who might want to bust a move once more in honour of their younger selves." What you get, then is a smorgasbord of styles ranging from the smooth neo-soul of Bad Faith and (forthcoming single) Tender Tyrannies, to the languid, louche Balearic-isms of Slouch, Ursula My Love and Be My Enemy, the acid jazz nouveau of Spyboy and the sleazy, grinding funk of Blisters. And there's nary a mirrorball nor a slo-mo house beat in sight.

To these ears, Blisters and Tender Tyrannies are the standouts here, with a couple of the album's later tracks (Are You Bored With Me Baby and All The Lies) veering a little too close to 80s pop territory for personal taste. But the musicianship and production skills on display show that Grant and Goudie's joint 60+ years of studio experience certainly haven't been wasted, and if mellower, more soul-oriented sounds are your thing you'll find plenty to enjoy here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: The Korvids, Nang Records, neo-soul, R&B, acid jazz, Balearic