2021 May 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Greek label Techords Ltd bring us a two-tracker from the rising young French producer

Based in Paris, rising young producer THEOS has previously had music out on Rawsome Deep, Whyostro and Le Bon Son, among other labels. Now, he comes to Jojo Angel's Techords Ltd with a two-tracker that marks him out as an artist lovers of the deep might want to keep an eye on…

The most obvious source of inspiration for the two tracks here would be west coast deep house of the late 90s and early 00s – not so much the uber-soulful aching loveliness of the Naked and Om camps, but more the tuffer, funkier, garage-tinged output of labels like Salted and Transport. That said, the two tracks on offer do vary somewhat stylistically. The sparse, strutty title cut, with its big, ruff-edged bassline, suggests that THEOS's head has also been turned by what some are calling "the London sound", the contemporary, bass-heavy house purveyed by (eg) the FUSE camp, while the accompanying Talkin' About This Vibe is more just yer standard issue left-coast bump, doing pretty much what it's been doing for the past quarter-century or so

But that's no bad thing, because what it's been doing for the past quarter-century or so is getting asses shakin' on the world's more discerning house dancefloors – and the two tracks here will do that for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 14 May (Beatport) / 28 May (general release)



Review Score: 8




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