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Thick Dick

"Welcome To The Jungle [Andrea Oliva Remix]"

Label: Sondos

2017 Jul 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Andrea Oliva takes on this 2001 cut from E-Smoove's darker alter-ego

Switzerland’s Andrea Oliva remixes the 2001 Thick Dick classic Welcome To The Jungle for the second release on Subliminal’s recently relaunched sub-label Sondos, and the result is a rather good one.

Oliva's reworking starts off with a hi-hat and snare and builds organically with the introduction of the kick and then the bassline, which ushers forth the chanted male "welcome to the jungle" vocal. As the track progresses, things get native with ambient animal samples interspersed throughout and tribal percussion led by a cowbell. This brings you to a large rising synth stab and onwards, as more wacky sounds are added and the track intensifies and takes you to a male spoken breakdown that is backed with a one-note string line that peters out as the speech talks about darkness and the underground. Then, after an almighty laugh, more synth stabs and some more chanting, it's back into the rhythmic tribal chaos that works so well, and on to the end of the track which is signalled by one last chant of "welcome to the jungle".

This rework really brings the track up-to-date, and builds nicely on the tried and tested original with a sound that's guaranteed to move many a packed dancefloor this summer. It sounds great loud and is a track that Sondos can be proud of, and I’m sure it will find its way onto many a DJ’s memory stick.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




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