2020 Aug 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Budapest-based Tigran comes to Big AL's label with some Eastern-tinged goodness

Born in Russia to Armenian parents but now based in Budapest, Tigran Vardanjan is well-known in Hungary for being the main man behind a club night called Orient Karma. That's important, because it gives you just a hint of what to expect from what is truly one of the most unique-sounding EPs to grace my inbox for many a long moon! 

Essentially, the three tracks here – Gisher, Hov Sarer and Mayramut itself – all operate in that nebulous zone where "deep" and "progressive" house blur into one… but that's not the first thing you'll notice about them, because all three are also liberally shot through with elements of Arabic and Indian music. Eastern flutes and a haunting, Turkish-sounding female vocal provide the melody for Gisher, Hov Sarer is basically a deep, tribal house cut but with an extended string-led breakdown that could've come straight from an Indian film soundtrack, while finally Mayramut itself is another tribal-leaning affair, with wordless vocal chant, jungle sounds and more of those dreamy Eastern strings. I'm no expert on world music and don't pretend to be, so the above references above may be a litttle bit off-kilter… but you get the general idea. 

And what you end up with are three engaging, evolving tracks that wouldn't just work on deep or progressive house floors – you can imagine them cropping up in sets by anyone from HAAAi or Peggy Gou to Gilles Peterson or Mr Scruff. It might not sound like anything else much that's around right now, but this is top-drawer tackle for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 July





Review Score: 8




Tags: Tigran, Ready Mix Records, deep house, progressive house