2018 Dec 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Jazz veteran turned house producer TIME is the man at the controls

The Family Piknik Music label reaches its fifth release, with a track from French artist TIME that comes accompanied by threee quality remixes.

First up is the Original Mix, wherein a long, light percussive intro with birdsong samples and a pad sound takes you to a large synth riff that's backed by a plucked electric guitar and ethnic drum fills. There's a large, quirky vocal breakdown backed by synth sounds, and then it's back to another synth-led passage, which plays out to the end with various odd little sounds thrown into the mix. Next is the Cioz Mix. This rub starts with a throbbing synth and percussion which are joined by a kick and, eventually, a hi-hat, plus lots of odd panned synth sounds and a light electro bass. Again there's a breakdown with that odd vocal – I'm not entirely sure what language it's in, but it sounds great so who cares?! 

Next comes label owners Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti’s interpretation, which features an arpeggiated riff and less outlandish percussion and is more of a progressive house affair, with a throbbing backbeat and snare fills that drive it along nicely. Finally you have the Family Dub Mix, which starts with the percussive loop with a clap and the bird and nature sounds, then follows the path of the original but without the outlandish vocals. As a dub should.

The track has already received support from Sven Väth, who featured it on his latest Cocoon compilation, and with these new mixes it will no doubt find its way onto many a DJ's USB over the coming months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 December



Review Score: 8




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