2020 Jul 20     
2 Bit Thugs

Todh Teri serves up more reworked Indian soundtrack vibes, with a little help from Kone Kone and La Jawab remix

Mysterious Indian producer presents the seventh EP in this series, and it's something of a departure in that the Bollywood re-edits that make up the EP lean far more towards disco than Teri's usual deep house fare.

Up first is Sampadan 22, which looks to early 80s Eurodisco and Italo for inspiration, revealing Teri to be a producer who can hold his own alongside East Europeen nu-disco dons like Ilija Rudman and Sare Havlicek. Next comes Sampadan 23, a shimmying affair comprised primarily of a non-stop throbbing bassline and spangly synths. It's back over to Todh for Sampadan 24, a midpaced chugger with an expansive, epic feel and hints here and there of acid, before Kone Kone steps up with Sampadan 24, a mellow, laidback cut that's by far the most traditional-sounding on the whole EP. That's it for vinyl buyers, but if you go down the digital route you also get Sampadan 25, which is a Todh Teri remix of the track before, now with tuffer drums.

Whether you're a lover of Indian classical/film music or of leftfield disco, you'll find much to enjoy here… if you dig both, then you're onto a dead cert!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 17 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Todh Teri, Bollywood, Indian, disco, La Jawab, Kone Kone