2017 Dec 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The UK's own Russ Yallop takes care of remix duties

German DJ/producers Tolstoi and Andsan have quickly established themselves as two artists to watch out for, both individually and when working in collaboration (which they do quite regularly). Here, they've joined together again for their first EP on Flashmob’s renowned Flashmob Records label. The EP consists of two original tracks, plus a remix of the title track by UK producer Russ Yallop.

The EP kicks off with Classy, which starts with a synth riff and a percussive loop. These are then joined by a deep, pronounced bassline and a kick. As the track progresses it features a spoken sample about the origins of music and nature “expressing itself," and has added bleeps and a solid four-to-the-four backbeat. A real hip-shaker of a tune in a tech-house style. The second track is the original mix of So Many, which starts with a natural-sounding bassline backed by percussion, and builds slowly with the introduction of spoken samples and odd synth sounds. It has a really groovy bottom end and although it's a tech-houser, it sure is a funky one!

To complete the package we have Russ Yallop’s remix of So Many, which begins with a kick and snare married up to a one-word vocal sample that runs throughout as part of the instrumentation. The track is really defined, though, by its use of many percussive elements, as well as a great electric organ sound that really jazzes it up. There are also laughing girl samples, snare rolls and a tizzy hi-hat that really cuts through.

My favourite here is Russ Yallop’s remix: it's fun and funky and sounds great at loud volume. But all three are well worth a few minutes of your time checking them out on your next download binge.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 December



Review Score: 9




Tags: Tolstoi, Andsan, Russ Yallop, Flashmob Records, tech house, tech-house