2021 Feb 20     
2 Bit Thugs

UK deep house stalwart Tony Stevenson comes to Jeff Fader's label

A two-tracker here that sees two well-respected names on the UK deep house scene teaming up, as Lucky Sun boss Tony Stevenson comes to Kent-based label Fade To Funk and gets remixed by label boss Jeff Fader.

In its Original form, Mistakes opens with a rock solid kick and hats, but wastes no time before introducing the looped, filtered and largely indecipherable ("something something something good times ahead") vocal that functions as a "verse", if you like, underpinned by a hefty bass throb, barely-there fluttering funk guitar and some truly luvverly pads. A second vocal – a dfifferent woman singing about "the mistakes I've made" – arrives to form a "chorus" of sorts, and some trumpet flourishes complete the sound palette as the track rolls unassumingly along till the fade-out. 

Jeff Fader's B-side remix, while staying firmly in the deep house zone, is quite a different beast. He ups the tempo just a smidge, strips out some of the layers and foregrounds a more sinuous n' slinky b-line, making for a remix that's a little more strutty and energetic, compared to the sultry, sweaty vibes of the original.

Not picking.a favourite here – both rubs are eminently playable, as you'd expect from two such established players. If you like your deep house on the more trad-style and garage-y side, Mistakes is must.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 February


Review Score: 8




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