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Touch Innovations announce XG display

Control your DJ software from an all-glass, see-through screen

2018 Jan 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Unless you're Deadmau5 or David Guetta you might need to start saving your pennies, mind...

The clue's in the name with Florida music hardware manufacturer Touch Innovations. Innovative applications of touchscreen technology are their speciality... and today they announced the launch of the XG, a transparent, all-glass touchscreen display built with DJs and musicians in mind.

There are actually two versions of the XG available. XG LITE is purely a high-end 39-inch monitor, while the XG PRO features a built-in PC and 500GB of storage. The former will set you back some $5,999 (£4,425 approx), while the PRO costs $6,895 (£5,085 approx). Both can, of course, be used simply as computer monitors for whatever, er, computer-y stuff you're doing, but their real purpose is made clear by the fact that both ship with a copy of Touch Innovations' own Emulator 2 MIDI controller software.

Let's face it, at these sorts of prices, there aren't going to be too many iDJ readers buying one of these to use in their bedrooms. But when you see an EDM superstar using one of these at a festival - which we're sure you will soon, because let's face it, they're pretty damn cool - at least now you'll know what it is...

For more information, see Touch Innovations' own website.





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