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Tracktion T5 is now free!

Popular entry-level DAW can be yours for nothing

2016 Aug 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Now you've really got NO excuse not to start making your own tracks...

Seattle-based Tracktion Corporation have made Tracktion T5, the last-but-two edition of their popular DAW, available as a free, unlimited download for everyone.

Last year, Tracktion made the T4 version of the DAW available at no cost; now, with the recent launch of Tracktion T7, they've improved the offer. What's more, purchasers of select Behringer and Mackie brand hardware can also get Tracktion T6 free of charge.

Tracktion has picked up positive reviews across the music technology press for bringing professional-quality features to the entry-level market. And with T5 now free, you've got even less excuse now not to launch that production career you've been talking about for so long!

For full details of Tracktion T5's capabilities - and to download your copy - hit up Tracktion's own website, where you'll find versions for Mac (32/64-bit), PC (32/64-bit) and Linux (64-bit only).

This video gives you some idea of T5's abilities, or to read our recent review of Tracktion T7, click here.






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