2020 Feb 01     
2 Bit Thugs

The UK's Trampa and Australia's Marauda bring the fierce, uncompromising dubstep vibes

Pow, right in the kisser! Two of Never Say Die’s most prominent artists kickstart 2020 with the long-awaited Ruckus. First teased by the UK/Aussie partners-in-grime back in the summer of 2019, it’s a cold-blooded, premeditated banger that brings out the gulliest in both dubstep protagonists. 

A single-track smash-and-dash, as seems to be Never Say Die Black Label's wont these days, Ruckus celebrates everything that’s special about NSD's sister label. Renowned for its attention to the most challenging, heaviest-hitting side of the 140 cannon, Black Label's releases are consistently brutal, industrial strength and full of terrifying textures – and Ruckus is no exception. There’s some serious tension in the mix, too; the cinematic backdrop and vocal loop on the intro provide tightly coiled suspense before we suddenly drop into a staccato riddim-style riff that's full of energy and prone to more evil mutations than the T-1000.

Complete with an even more tense build midway and even nastier second drop, what's most remarkable here is just how much action and drama the two young artists manage to pack into 2.5 minutes. We can only hope more collaborative action and drama follows from both artists in the near future…

Words: Dave Jenkins 

Release date: 31 January 



Review Score: 7




Tags: Trampa, Marauda, Never Day Die Black Label, dubstep, 140