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Tresor is 25 years old in March

They're celebrating with a festival, compilation and tour

2016 Feb 11     
2 Bit Thugs

The birthday festivities include what will be, perhaps surprisingly, Tresor's first ever official visit to Detroit

The world was a different place 25 years ago, Berlin even more so. The Wall had not long come down and a reunited Germany was just finding its feet. If you told the average Berliner that by 2016, their city would be the nightlife capital of the world, they'd have laughed at you.

That's how things turned out, though. And on 13 March, the club that's been more responsible for that than any other, Tresor, will be celebrating its 25th birthday. Unsurprisingly, they're pulling out all the stops this year!

The birthday celebrations begin on 12 March, when Detroit's Patrice Scott will join local heroes DJ Pete, Pacou, Sleearchive and Vainqueur behind the decks of the famous club. That's just the first in a series of club nights leading up to the Tresor 25 Years Festival on 21-23 June. Line-up details for this are still TBA but expect to see a heavy-hitting roster of DJ talent appearing at the club, which will be specially expanded for the occasion.

There's also a worldwide club tour ongoing throughout the spring and summer, which will see Tresor visiting Dude Club, Milan (2 April), Culture Box, Copenhagen (15 April), Warehouse, Rome (16 April), Radion, Amsterdam (30 April), Oval Space, London (7 May), Kubik, Vitoria, Brazil (13 May), Tangent Gallery, Detroit (28 May), Lanna, Gijon, Spain (4 June), Exit Festival, Serbia (9 July) and Sirco, Madrid (30 July). There are also dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Paris, but exact details haven't been announced yet. The event on 28 May should be pretty special - it's the first time a Tresor party has ever been thrown in Detroit.

And that's not all - Tresor Records will also be putting out a special anniversary compilation in October, while new singles/EPs are in the pipeline from the likes of Juan Atkins, Terrence Dixon, Objekt and many more.

Tesor's origins can be traced to the UFO Club in Berlin, one of Germany's first-ever house and techno clubs, which ran from 1988 to 1990. After the club closed, a new location was found in newly accessible East Berlin - in the basement vault of a disused department store – and Tresor was born. While originally inspired by the sound of Detroit, Tresor soon became synonymous with the harder, more industrial style of techno that dominated in the 90s, with the Tresor Records label that launched in October 1991 putting out tracks by the likes of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram and Surgeon. The original Tresor closed in April 2005 when the building was sold to developers to build offices, but the club reopened in a disused power plant in May 2007, and has been going strong ever since.

The mantle of 'world's most important techno club' might arguably have passed on to Berghain these days, but the simple fact is, without Tresor blazing a trail, Berghain would probably never have happened. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, and here's to another 25 years.

For more info on all of the above, see the Tresor website.





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