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Two new controllers from Numark

Introducing the Party Mix Live and Party Mix II

2021 May 13     
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The two entry-level units are available now, starting at just £89

Numark has added to its range of DJ controllers with the arrival of the Party Mix II and Party Mix Live, both of which are affordably priced and aimed at entry-level DJs. The two controllers are identical, except for the fact that the Live has 10W of amplification and a pair of speakers built-in.

With the Party Mix II selling for just £89 and Party Mix Live only a shade more at £120 or so, you're obviously not going to get the full range of bells 'n' whistles you'd expect from professional units price at upwards of £1,000. Nonetheless the two new controllers have all the basics you'd need to get started: large touch-sensitive jog wheels, pads for FX, looping and sampling, two-band EQ per side and a filter section. 

Both also feature three built-in LEDs to provide a 'light show' to accompany your tunes, although this can be turned off if you prefer. The two controllers work with Serato DJ Lite, Algoriddim djay Pro AI (both desktop and iOS versions) and the mobile app DJ Player Pro, and both support streaming from Tidal, Beatport Link, Beatsource Link and SoundCloud Go.

For more information, see Numark's own website.





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