2019 May 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Local duo Ubblakhan return after the success of their recent 'Foundation' EP on parent label Seven Music

Belfast duo Ubblahkan are on a roll following their recent Foundation EP on Seven Music, which picked up a lot of support from DJs and the record-buying public alike. But for this project, they've swapped deep disco house for peaktime behemoths. 

Hotula is first into the fray, and starts with a mammoth kick and a building, bass-heavy riff in the background. Vocal calls rise in volume as the track progresses, along with risers and booming sounds which make for a great dancefloor groover, with laser shots for extra impact. The second track, Maga Star, starts with an evolving percussive loop that gets phatter and phatter but still manages to keep the groove pretty minimal until we hit a breakdown with an electric sound and light percussion, and then in it comes again with ethnic percussion by the bucketload (it sounds like a glockenspiel but more primitive). The track is well over nine minutes long and features an odd second breakdown that works a treat. Last up is Temujin, which takes a more simplistic approach with a big riff and shuffling hi-hats. This one's a real builder, with tambourine shakes and a stabbed organ sound as one of the main hooks. 

All three tracks are individual-sounding, and a lot of fun to play because they don’t take themselves too seriously. And so all three are worthy of a damn good caning over the coming months!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Ubblakhan, Bass Hit Dub, house