2017 Feb 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Russia's Incepto Deep come up with the melodic, mellow goods yet again

A three-track EP here from Russian label Incepto Deep that showcases their trademark deep, progressive sound perfectly.

Dream Velocity itself is up first, which opens with tuff-ish 4/4s and lingering synth notes, then adds lashings of warm, muted bass and, in the mid-section breakdown, some gently tinkling keys. The overall effect is not dissimilar to the 'ambient house' or 'dream house' peddled by Italian labels like DFC back in the day and, just like such vintage tackle, its natural home is on a weary dancefloor as the clock slowly ticks towards that point where you really can't pretend it's still last night any more.

It comes accompanied by two rubs of Hypnotising. In its Original form this has a fairly similar MO to the A-side, except that it's a little livelier and comes topped with a half-spoken, half-whispered female vocal ("there's something in the sound... hypnotising… keeps me up all night dancing," etc), while Daniel Ray strips out most of the atmospheric, fluttering synths and lets the 4/4s, vox and FX do the work, making this the choice for less prog-friendly floors where the original might be considered a bit too fluffy.

All three will work just as well on the headphones as they will on the floor, making this well worth checking for those who like their house beats on the mellower side.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: Ultraverse, Incepto Deep, deep house, progressive house