2021 Aug 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Greek producer Vallentino Daroti comes to House Trip Recordings

A double iDJ debut here, neither the artist nor the label having featured on these pages before, as Redcar-based deep house stalwarts House Trip Recordings bring us a three-tracker from Vallentino Daroti – better known as VALL, a Romanian-born producer from Greece whose work has previously appeared on Little Jack, More Than House and Truedeep Music, among other labels.

The Pretty Lady EP is a three-track affair. The title track itself gets the ball rolling, opening with crisp, rolling beats before introducing a fat, sinuous tech-house bassline that's soon joined by spoken male vocal cut-ups, a killer of a garage-y organ line and some gently tinkling vibes, all topped off with some jazzy female vocal wails. Next comes Don't Make Me Wait, which centres around a very familiar female "don't make me wait" sample whose original source, somewhat frustratingly, escapes me right now… but anyway, said vocal is paired with more of those garage organs and another fine chunky bassline, before the EP's completed by Strings & Hits, an all-instrumental affair that leans more towards the Chi-town style of deep house.

It's Don't Make Me Wait that's the killer for me here, but Pretty Lady isn't far behind and with Strings & Hits also eminently playable, it all adds up to a very checkable EP indeed.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 13 August (Traxsource) / 27 August (general release)


Review Score: 8




Tags: VALL, Vallentino Daroti, House Trip Recordings, deep house, NJ garage, organs