2020 Dec 29     
2 Bit Thugs

The perfect collection of mellow grooves to see you see through the bleak midwinter

It's that strange interim period between Xmas and NYE: the blank bit of the calendar when nothing happens much in the best of years. And this is 2020. So this year, we'd heartily recommend entering a stage of as near-complete hibernation as possible and just getting through it as best you can. 

If you are gonna hide yourself away from the world for a week, though, you're gonna at least want some tunes to keep you company… so may we also heartily recommend this fourth installment in Batavia Records' Treasure series?

Given that it is the fourth installment, the general idea shouldn't need too much explaining here, as Sven Dekker's label round up some of the finest deep house tuneage to come their way in 2020, with the emphasis more on laidback headnodders and late-night drifters than on instant dancefloor appeal (though most of the tracks would work in a club set as well, certainly on the more specialist floors).

Tracks come from a host of names that will be very familiar to deep house heads – Processing Vessel, ZaVen, Forteba, Anthony Mea, BDTom – and (perhaps as a result) the quality meter never slips once, from Mea's dreamy, bassy opener Circle all the way through to the prog-leaning, Detroit-meets-Balearic drift of closer Golden Sands from ZaVen. Along the way, Somethin' Deep & Deep KayGee's slo-mo, dubbed-out Judas and the dreamy, driftaway delight that is SOulfreqtion ft Kimi's more soulful Floating Thoughts are particular standouts.

If you're not a big deep house lover, this probably won't be the compilation to change your mind. But if you are, you'll struggle to find another this month that's more deserving of your pennies.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Batavia Records, Sven Dekker, deep house, Processing Vessel, ZaVen, Forteba, Anthony Mea, BDTom, Deep KayGee, Somethin' Deep, SOulfreqtion