2019 Oct 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Rawley, Raumakustik and Knut Sørenson come good with three jacking, sample-based cuts

If you're hoping for the epitome of elegance, sophistication and advanced musicianship, it has to be said a tech-house EP called Ghetto Traxx was probably never gonna be the best place to look! If on the other hand raw, jackin' tech-house beats made to move bodies on dancefloors are what you're after, then you'll find them in abundance on this three-tracker from Germany's fledgling Detroitnitz imprint.

Rawley is up first with I'll House You, and we're definitely not giving out any lollipops for guessing what the sample is here! The Jungle Brothers' famous vocal sits atop a fuzzy, surging bassline and crisp, toppy beats, and while it's more of a set-builder than a peaktime anthem in waiting, the familiarity of the sample is sure to help it find its way into plenty of sets over the next month or two. Raumakustik's Rule The World is a little more contentious: musically it's a driving, eyes-down affair with a TON of dancefloor energy and some cool rave-y stabs, but whether the Tears For Fear vocal bite is a step too far is up to you to decide. The EP's then completed by Knut Sørensen's My Life, a more stripped, percussive and strutty affair that rocks not one but two famous vocals: C&C Music Factory's much-sampled Keep It Comin' (some of you, for instance, may know this vocal from High Contrast's liquid D&B classic Music Is Everything), plus that "I've got to keep on, you've got to keep on" one whose source I can never remember.

As we said at the start, there's no new ground being broken here. But sometimes the moment calls for something big, attitude-y and familiar, and when it does, any one of these three should serve you well.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 4 October



Review Score: 8




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