2018 May 20     
2 Bit Thugs

The Birmingham label serve up 17 more back catalogue gems

Coming hot on the heels of the first volume, which dropped just a month ago, here Four40 serve up another choice selection of cuts from their back catalogue.

It's definitely one of those releases where the clue's in the title... which is interesting, because I suspect if you say "Four40" to most people, the first thing they'll think of is bass music. But the label's also always had a knack for more trad-style 4/4 grooves, as this collection ably demonstrates.

The album opens with Anto's What They Say, which is like a trip back in time to that period (roughly 93-95) when UK producers were starting to put their own twist on the US garage blueprint, without said twist having yet quite developed into what would become known as UKG or speed garage. From there on out, the collection covers quite a wide stretch of musical ground: from Peter & The Stringfellows' Give Us All That Money, which is pretty much straight-up disco-house/filter disco, to the contemporary UKG/bass house vibes of Shorterz' Wot U Do and South Royston's Another Night (a track which acknowledges its roots with a cheeky vocal nod to Larry Levan's seminal Peech Boys) via Cause & Affect's techier Fake Double and Warren Paul's chipmunk-vocalled bassline houser Wanna Say.

With 17 tracks to choose from, if you are indeed a 'house n' garage' lover then you're unlikely to come away empty-handed from this album - and don't forget, Vol 1 is still available, too! Alternatively, if it's all bit too girly disco-y for you, then a) you have no soul and b) Four40's other recent best-of comp, This Is UK Culture, will cater for all your macho gnarly bass-face needs, so everyone's a winner!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 25 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: Criminal Hype, Anto, Peter & The Stringfellows, Shorterz, Cause & Affect, Warren Paul, South Royston